Dull Skin.

Over time skin can lose its natural radiance and glow resulting in skin looking dull and tired. Dull skin looks as if it has lost its brightness and can look grey in appearance.

What causes dull skin?

The skin produces new cells every thirty days; and this constant replenishment of skin cells is what keeps our skin looking radiant. However as we age this process slows down and new skin cells are produced only every sixty days.

As the production of new skin cells is less frequent, the old skin cells stay on the skin for longer and can cause a build-up of dead skin cells. By the time they reach the top layer of your skin they can appear dull and tired.

The natural ageing process is the main cause of dull skin; however other lifestyle factors such as exposure to the sun and pollution can cause dull skin. It’s important to care for your skin to help reduce the dullness.

Treatments for Dull Skin.

At ProSkin we have a variety of treatments to get rid of dull skin. Our expert aestheticians will tailor a treatment to suit your specific needs. They ensure that the treatment works effectively and gives you   radiant, bright looking skin.

Basic RGB

PicoSure™ Skin Revitalisation

The specialist CynoSure™’s award winning laser system PicoSure™ is used at ProSkin. They offer fast and gentle treatment to revitalize skin. The PicoSure™ lens array reaches a precise depth of the skin so that only 10% of the skin is being treated.

This allows a deeper penetration to the dermis area under the skin, promoting collagen and elastin growth. This results in skin looking younger, revitalized and radiant.

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Facials, Peels and Resurfacers

At ProSkin we offer a range of facials and peels that will brighten and refresh skin. A specialist chemical solution removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing healthier skin cells underneath.

We have a large range of facials, peels and resurfacers for different skin types, contact us to book your free consultation and our professional aestheticians will be able to help find the right combination of treatments for you.

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Dermaroller treatment

Dermaroller treatments are offered at ProSkin. This treatment uses a medical roller with tiny needles arranged around it. These tiny pinpricks effectively trick the skin into repairing itself. This happens through its natural process which stimulates the production of collagen to plump up the skin and smooth out wrinkles and lines.

Dermaroller treatments are available at all of our ProSkin Clinics. Want to know what clinic is closest to you? Visit our clinics page to find out.

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