Spots sometimes known as pimples or zits are very common; they come in a number of types, sizes and shapes. Spots can appear at any time, usually on the face but can be found on the back, neck, chest and anywhere else on the body and are caused for a number of different reasons.

What causes spots?

Spots are caused by blockages in the pore; inside the pore there are sebaceous glands which produce sebum. As the skin naturally sheds, the sebum can stick the dead skin cells left behind together. This can cause a blockage in the pores.

This process happens frequently during puberty as the skin becomes thicker, which is why breakouts are common in teenagers. Although spots are very commonly found on teenagers adult acne is also very common.

If there is a blockage, the sebaceous glands still produce sebum which builds up behind the blockage. This sebum can hold various bacteria, causing inflammation and redness.

Treatment for spots.

At ProSkin Clinics we offer a variety of treatments that reduce the appearance of spots after one treatment, and even completely remove spots. As every skin condition differs, at ProSkin we tailor our treatments to meet the specific needs of each client.

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Active Acne

After much research at ProSkin Clinics, we chose to use the state-of-the-art TheraClear™ system, which addresses multiple causes of acne in a single treatment. With the combination of light and vacuum you can achieve fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness.

At ProSkin Clinics we offer two different treatments; The TheraClear™ light and vacuum acne treatment and The TheraClear™ light, vacuum and needle extraction acne treatment which is used for the treatment of cycstic acne. This allows us to tailor a treatment to your specific needs.

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LED Light Therapy

At ProSkin Clinics we offer LED light therapy to reduce the appearance of spots. LED light therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment to help problem skin. The bulbs emit non-thermal specific wavelengths of light that stimulate the skins natural repair and rejuvenation process.

The light energises cells to produce collagen, improve elasticity, increase blood circulation and oxygen flow while releasing toxins. This helps to improve skin tone and clarity after just one session.

The treatment can be tailored to the specific need of each client’s skin condition and used in combination with skin peels, facials, microdermabrasion and laser treatments to further enhance treatment results.

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Facials, Peels and Resurfacers 

At ProSkin Clinics we offer a large variety of facials, that we can use to tailor an individual treatment to meet your conditions’ needs. The facials come under three categories; anti-ageing, acne and sensitive skin. By tailoring a treatment to suit your specific needs you can guarantee you will see an instant improvement to your skin.

Our skin peels can help reduce spots and associated redness, with the use of a specialist chemical solution. The solution works to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. This allows new skin cells to grow resulting in clear rejuvenated skin.

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