Acne Scarring Treatment at ProSkin Clinics.

At ProSkin we offer the most effective laser treatment for acne scarring. The PicoSure™ Laser Acne Treatment for scarring is significantly more affordable than treatments based on older laser technology.
  • Quick treatment time
  • Typically little to no downtime
  • PicoSure’s own clinical studies show a dramatic improvement in the appearance of acne scars in as little as three treatments
  • Simple procedure with minimal discomfort


Frequently asked questions.

At ProSkin Clinics we use the innovative PicoSure™ laser technology that effectively reduces acne scarring. The treatment is quick and affordable.

At ProSkin Clinics we use the PicoSure  laser system to provide clients with a safe and effective acne scaring treatment.  The advance laser technology penetrates the skin to create areas of localized thermal damage.

Each client is different and the discomfort of the treatment will depend on the person, however laser treatment will create a ‘prickling’ sensation on the skin.

Our aestheticians can offer ways to make the experience more comfortable, including a choice of cold air flow or numbing cream on the area to be treated.

The PicoSure™ will work to reduce most acne scars, however depending on the severity of your case the treatment course may differ.

For optimal results most clients require 6 treatments.

Each treatment takes around 20 minutes.

At ProSkin Clinics our aestheticians are all trained to NVQ Level 3 standards as a minimum. The NVQ is one of the most recognized qualifications in our industry.

There are 11 ProSkin Clinics nationwide, most of our clinics are open until 9pm and open on weekends. We will be sure to find a suitable appointment for you,

Find your closest clinic for more information on opening hours.

At ProSkin Clinics our teams are trained and are experts in advanced skincare. The team specializes in a range of professional clinical treatments, including acne scaring treatment.

We are a multi award winning clinic who uses the best possible equipment and products for all of our treatments.  ProSkin Clinics are fully licensed and insured so you can have complete confidence in our facilities and treatments.

At ProSkin Clinics we have a simple mission; we want to make advanced skincare affordable, we provide all customers with the best possible prices we can.

What our clients say.

Historically it has been very difficult to treat acne scarring effectively without incurring in significant cost and inconvenience. The PicoSure™ acne treatment is significantly more affordable than treatments based on older technologies.

Here is what our clients think of ProSkin Clinics.

Still have questions?

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Acne Scarring Treatment cost.

At ProSkin Clinics we offer a simple pricing structure which is easy for clients to follow. We provide our clients with the best possible prices that we can.

Acne Scarring Price List
Consultation & Patch TestFree
Picosure Acne Scarring treatment£209

All consultations & treatments require a £25 refundable deposit to secure the appointment. 24 hour notice is required to move or cancel an appointment or the deposit is forfeited, except for Full Body Laser Hair Removal appointments which require a 48 hour notice.

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