Excess Sweating Injections at ProSkin Clinics.

The most effective solution for excess sweating, by a multi award winning clinic.
  • Treatment involves multiple small injections just under the skin
  • Quick treatment time, it takes approximately 20 minutes
  • The treatment works well for excess sweating from armpits and foreheads
  • Stops underarm sweating for 5-8 months
Frequently asked questions.

To stop excess sweating at ProSkin Clinics, our licensed medical practitioners will determine the suitability of the treatment and prescribe an injection of a form of mild toxin. The treatment is injected into the skin and the toxin blocks the chemical messenger sent to your sympathetic nerves and so it does not reach the sweat glands.

Without the chemical message, the glands cannot turn on the sweating, the treatment blocks the nerve endings and sweat cannot be produced.  The body starts to produce new nerve endings within 6-12 weeks and mild sweating can return.

Within 4-12 months, all of the new nerve endings would have been produced and the chemical message can be received, turning all of the sweat glands on again. Sweating returns to normal and the treatment would then need to be repeated.

Some clients may feel a slight discomfort from the injections and this can differ from client to client.

At ProSkin Clinics fully registered doctors take out all of our injectable treatments. By law in the UK a doctor or prescribing nurse must prescribe the treatment, but we go one step further by ensuring a doctor takes out the treatment too.

Results can take up to one week to start working. The treatment is not permanent and results will wear off after 5-8 months. The treatment can then be repeated.

Some clients can experience increased sweating in other parts of the body. Other side effects can include tiredness and blurred vision, arm and neck ache for those who have injections in their armpits. These symptoms should disappear within a few days, and not everyone has them.

At ProSkin Clinics our aestheticians are all trained to NVQ Level 3 standards as a minimum. The NVQ is one of the most recognized qualifications in our industry.

ProSkin have 11 clinics nationwide. Most of our clinics are open until 9pm, and open on weekends. Our diverse opening hours mean we will be sure to find a suitable appointment for you.

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At ProSkin Clinics we have a simple mission; we want to make advanced skincare affordable.

We are a multi award winning advanced skincare brand and our teams are experts in advanced skin care. We specialize in a range of professional clinic treatments, including excess sweating injections.

We use only the best possible equipment and products for all our treatments. We are fully licensed and insured so you can have complete confidence in our facilities and treatments.

Most importantly, we provide all customers with the best possible prices we can.

What our clients say.

Excess sweating is a common problem that we can easily solve; our excess sweating injections will leave you dry regardless of the heat.

Here is what our clients think of the treatment.

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