Pigmentation Treatment at ProSkin Clinics.

At ProSkin we provide the fastest and most effective pigmentation treatment. The PicoSure™ laser system targets the excess melanin in the skin which creates the darkened skin colouration that is commonly associated with the first signs of ageing, skin damage and freckles.
  • Advanced lasers with more proven results than older Q Switched technology
  • Virtually no downtime and no time off work required
  • Quick treatment time
Frequently asked questions.

With the use of the PicoSure™ laser, energy is gently delivered in short bursts to the skin. This eliminates pigmentation without causing harm to surrounding skin.

As with all laser treatment you will feel some discomfort, some describe the sensation as an elastic band snapping on the skin. The level of discomfort will differ from each client.

The PicoSure™ laser system is able to effectively treat sun spots, age spots, freckles and Café Au Lait mark.

There are many different forms of pigmentation, and not all types of pigmentation can be treated at ProSkin Clinics. We see our best results on sun spots and age spots especially.

We normally recommend a minimum course of three treatments to our clients; these are spaced approximately 8 weeks apart. Pigmentation will normally get darker immediately after treatment. After 1-2 weeks the treated area will start to slough and become lighter.

Each treatment takes around 20 minutes.

At ProSkin Clinics our aestheticians are all trained to NVQ Level 3 standards as a minimum. The NVQ is one of the most recognized qualifications in our industry.

There are 11 ProSkin Clinics nationwide, most of our clinics are open until 9pm and open on weekends. We will be sure to find a suitable appointment for you,

Find your closest clinic for more information on opening hours.

We have a simple mission at ProSkin Clinics; we want to make advanced skincare affordable. We provide all customers with the best prices we possibly can.

We are a multi award winning clinic and we use the best possible equipment and products for all of our treatments. Our teams are experts in advanced skincare. The team specializes in a range of clinic treatments.

ProSkin Clinics are fully licensed and insured so you can have complete confidence in our facilities and treatments.

What our clients say.

With the use of the breakthrough PicoSure™ laser technology ProSkin Clinics are able to gently eliminate pigmentation without harming the surrounding skin.

After PicoSure™ pigmentation our clients said they felt happier about their skin.

Here is what our clients think of the treatment.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions regarding pigmentation treatment we advise that you come in for a free no obligation consultation.  We can then give you any further information that you need.

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Pigmentation Treatment cost.

At ProSkin Clinics we keep our pricing structure simple and easy for clients to follow. We provide our clients with the best possible prices that we can.

Pigmentation Laser Treatment Price List
Picosure treatment£209

All consultations & treatments require a £25 refundable deposit to secure the appointment. 24 hour notice is required to move or cancel an appointment or the deposit is forfeited, except for Full Body Laser Hair Removal appointments which require a 48 hour notice.

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