Laser Skin Rejuvenation at ProSkin Clinics.

One treatment that can dramatically improve skin tone and texture and reduce signs of ageing, by a multi award winning clinic.
  • Improve the appearance of the skin on various areas of your body
  • The average course of treatment includes a series of 6 treatments
  • Suitable for skin types 1-5 and can be applied to face, neck, chest, legs, arms and hands.
  • Quick treatment time
Frequently asked questions.

The RevLite laser system is designed to remove signs of aging and sun damage, while stimulating the development of new collagen.

The laser light is used to stimulate collagen growth beneath the skin. The effects will continue even after the treatment and the difference can be seen once the fine lines are filled with new collagen.

The laser light will also cause the pigmentation on the face to break up and get re-absorbed into the skin; this lightens or eliminates skin pigmentation.

Laser rejuvenation treatment is very gentle; some clients may feel a slight discomfort during the treatment.

Laser rejuvenation treatment is a very gentle treatment however some clients may experience some temporary redness following the treatment. The redness clears within a few hours to a day after the treatment.

At ProSkin Clinics we offer four different RevLite laser rejuvenation treatments

  • Ultimate pigmentation removal: This treatment can treat sun damage, age spots, melasma and other epidermal and dermal lesions.
  • Advanced Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Boosting Treatment: This treatment is a great way to treat pores, skin texture, tone the skin and improve lines and wrinkles
  • Medical Acne and Acne Scarring Treatment: This treatment treats active acne, congested skin, pores and acne scars.
  • Anti-Ageing Peel: This treatment works to treat sun damage, uneven skin tone and wrinkles

Each client is different and your course of treatment will differ however we recommend;

  • Ultimate pigmentation removal: 1-10 treatments
  • Advanced Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Boosting Treatment: 6-10 treatments
  • Medical Acne and Acne Scarring Treatment: 6-10 treatments
  • Anti-Ageing Peel: 1-2 treatments annually.

As we offer four different treatments under the RevLite skin rejuvenation we can treat a diverse range of conditions. So we will be able to find a treatment to work for you.

At ProSkin Clinics our aestheticians are all trained to NVQ Level 3 standards as a minimum. The NVQ is one of the most recognized qualifications in our industry.

We have 11 clinics nationwide. Most of our clinics are open until 9pm, and open on weekends. With our diverse opening hours we will be sure to find a suitable appointment for you.

Find your closest clinic for more information on opening hours.

At ProSkin Clinics we have a simple mission; we want to make advanced skincare affordable, we provide all customers with the best possible prices we can.

We are a multi award winning clinic and we use the best possible equipment and products for all of our treatments. We have a team of experts who are trained in advance skincare including Skin Rejuvenation. You will always receive the best treatment we can give at ProSkin Clinics.

What our clients say.

Our laser skin rejuvenation treatment is the perfect treatment for anyone who wants to achieve younger looking skin without surgery. The treatment works for those wanting to improve skin tone and texture.

Here is what our clients think of the treatment.

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